Angry Whales

Two whales are swimming around in the ocean one day when the guy whale shouts at the girl whale says
“Hey look! That is the ship that harpooned and killed my daddy!

She says “ I think your right.”

He says Angrily “ I want to kill them! I want to hurt them! I want to mess them up!”

She says “I do to but I don’t that there is anything we can do to kill them.”

Well he comes up with a plan. What he lays out for her is for both of them to fill up their lungs with as much air as possible, swim under the ship, exhale all their air at the same time, and sink the ship.

She says “I don’t think that will work, we could never sink that ship!”

After talking about it for a little he talks her into it.

They go through to motions, get under the ship, and on the count of three they start exhaling. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh they exhale and empty all the air in their lungs!

Sure enough the water all around the ship gets aerated, the ship gets top heavy and flips over and starts sinking!

The sailors start jumping off the ship and they start swimming towards the land.

The guy whale says “Quick honey, eat the sailors before they get to the land!”

She puts her foot down and says “look I agreed to the blow job but I’m not swallowing the semen!!!!”

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