Thank You!

Thank you for your submission!

What happens now? Well, first off, the submission will undergo a standard review. Duplicates of jokes already in the archive will be discarded outright. An evaluation will be made to determine if the submission is actually a joke. Since Flush Twice has been operating as a JOTD since 2003, you’ll just have to trust that somebody here actually knows what a joke looks like.

There will be a check for spelling and grammar errors. While present tense jokes are technically “not wrong”, past tense narration is more comfortable to more readers, so things like “he says” will be changed to “he said”. Sometimes character names will be be altered, and nationality, race, religion, occupation, etc… can be changed as well. Sometimes particularly charged language will be replaced, and sometimes it will be rewritten to ramp it up a little.

Except for the comics and Sunday rant, Flush Twice will not knowingly publish anything that is believed to be actively under a copyright. If it appears the joke is under some kind of copyright, it will be deleted. Sorry about that, but lawyers are expensive and no one around here is getting any money out of this.

Thanks for the one-liners, but they probably won’t be used unless they can be grouped with similarly themed one liners into a single post. On the other hand, if you just submitted a “Shaggy Dog Story“, You will be hunted down and have ghost chilis shoved up your rectum. OK, that won’t actually happen, but it would be the most morally correct action to take.

After the submission passes through the editorial process, it will be placed in the joke queue. Posts that have been submitted through this form will get a higher priority than those received in email, so it could show up in as little as a few days, but if there have been a lot of submissions, then it could be a couple of weeks. It’s really hard to say.

Again, thank you for your submission.



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