The Desert Island

islandThree people wash up on a desert island. A man and his wife, plus another man. They decide that one person should climb the highest tree on the island to act as a lookout for any passing ships. The single man agrees to go first. After a little while he should down to the husband and wife, “Hey you two! Stop having sex!”
“What are you talking about?” yelled the husband, “We’re not having sex!”
An hour later the man in the tree yells down again, “Hey! I can see you from up here, and it looks like you’re having sex! Now quit it!”
Once again, the husband cries back, “We are not having sex!”
Later in the day, the husband and the man change places. As he gets to the top of the tree, he peers down through the foliage and remarks, “Oh wow! You were right! It really does look like you’re having sex from up here!”

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