The Old Lady’s Wishes

An old lady was rocking away the last of her days on her front porch, reflecting on her long life. All of a sudden, a fairy godmother appeared in front of her and informed her that she would be granted three wishes.

The old lady made her first wish, “I guess I would like to be really, really rich.”

POOF! A huge pile of money appeared next to her on the porch!

She smiled and said, “Gee, I guess I wouldn’t mind being young and beautiful again.”

POOF! She turned into a beautiful young woman.

“Your third wish?” asked the fairy godmother.

Just then the old woman’s cat wandered across the porch in front of them.

“Can you change my cat into a handsome young man?” she asked.

POOF! Before her stood a young man more handsome than anyone she could possibly imagine.

As her fairy godmother flew away, the handsome young man sauntered across the porch and whispered in her ear, “Now I bet you’re really sorry you had me neutered!”

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