Recently some of the features that I loved about this site have become paywalled, but as an online weather site, Windy still has a pretty good set of free (albeit ad supported) features. Some of the features include wind maps, satellite, radar, temperature, waves, and more! It’s nice way to get an overview of the “big picture” to see what’s coming your way.



At any given time, thousands of aircraft are flying all around the world, and believe it or not, their locations and itinerary are all freely out there for anybody to see. is one such site you can use to find out who is flying that helicopter over your house right now!

Like most sites these days, it’s ad supported. You can sign up for an account to pay for additional features to have an ad free experience.




You didn’t think I wasn’t going to include one of my own now did you? Rest assured, I’ve only got 3 sites at the moment, and you’re on one of them, so don’t expect me to be plugging my own stuff too often.

I created mBlip as a YouTube aggregator site. It checks for interesting new videos every hour. Sometimes it gets a little buggy, but when it does I just give it a lobotomy and restart it. The posts are self-populating. Other than wiping its memory when it goes off the rails, mBlip automagically puts up new content as it finds it. It’s going on 7 years, and I visit it most every day. It does have a sister site called EVsoup that is basically mBlip, but mostly limited to the topic of electric vehicles.

I don’t run any ads on it, don’t make a dime off it, but the videos are embedded from YouTube, so it’s a safe bet that google is able to track you through it.

So that’s it for week 1 of “Better Things”.

So what did you think? Leave a comment below and let me know if you have any ideas for improvements.

(Just no links.)

Home of Z̼̚a̞̘ͪḷ͈͂gͯͪǒ (Zalgo) and Fancy Font Generator, is a very simple site that allows visitors to input their own text to generate decorative unicode versions of their text. Sadly WordPress won’t let me demonstrate the fancy fonts here, but they do seem to work in various forums and chat rooms.

The site looks like it might have trackers, but not really any ads to speak of. Of course I always use uBlock (#not-an-ad-just-a-fan), so your mileage may vary.

Minesweeper Online

Minesweeper Online


It’s that classic Windows game on the web!

As a Linux desktop user, I have not used MS Windows on my home computer in ages. Of course my work computer is still using Windows, but they took all the games off. Well here’s a little site where you can get that old time Minesweeper fix of yours. It includes many features that the original did not have including a “no guessing mode” and of course the ability to play against others.

Of course it’s ad supported and uses trackers, but that’s just how things work these days.

Online Sequencer

Online Sequencer

Tagline: Make music online

This is a fun site that allows you to “draw” notes into a sequencer and play them back. It features a page where you can see the latest saved sequences from users as well as forum and chat room.

Not trying to show off or anything, but I do have an account there. Here is one of my own personal creations.

Ad supported? Yes

Trackers? Of course.

But it seems to “play nice”, and it works well with uBlock Origin.


Better Things to Do

Flush Twice is 20 years old now. It’s about time I tried something new with it.

I’ve told all the jokes I’m going to tell, so let’s trying something a little different. I’m going to start posting links to various sites that I think might be more interesting than what you are doing right now. Think of it like a sort of grab bag for things to do online.

To be completely honest, I have almost no idea how this is actually going to work, but over the years I have amassed a huge collection of bookmarks. So many in fact that I have a bookmark toolbar with folders titled “A” through “Z” and I drop new bookmarks into them all the time.

Of course some of these are going to be sites you have probably already heard about, but some people might not know about them. I might also be featuring really obvious sites that pretty much everyone knows. I can assure you they are not monetized adverts, but rather merely cataloging these sites for the sake of completeness and posterity.

At some point I might add a visitor suggestion box. I’m a little apprehensive about doing so, because “spamvertisers” are still a thing, and I really do not feel like wading through that quagmire. If and when I find the right plug-in, we might give it a go.

Oh, and putting any sort of links in the comment section is still forbidden, so don’t even try it.

Of course if you do have comments or suggestions and don’t want to wait for a suggestion box, I may still be contacted by means of flush2x at that enormously popular email website ran by google.

And from time to time I will post a new comic, but other than releasing them only on Saturdays, I will not be keeping to any predictable schedule.

Well OK then. See you tomorrow with our first featured site in the “Better Things” category.