A Dark Past

A Dark Past

So, is every other Saturday too much? We shall see. You’d think that doing a comic is easy, and knocking out a weekly comic shouldn’t be hard, but when your social life is completely disassociated from your more excentric hobbies… well… Every other week can still seem like a stretch.

It’s not like I only sit down and work on it once every two weeks. I always have the editor open in the background with some idea in the works, and I switch over to it and work on it a little at a time throughout the week.

A lot of the work being done is on things no one would ever notice because it’s so mundane. Take speech bubble tails for example: To maintain an asthetic, the speech bubbles and their tails have to be consistent across all panels.

So I create and work on various template images for potential use. Now to be fair, my tails aren’t all that special. While there are many graphic illustration programs out there that can auto-generate speech bubbles and tails, I wouldn’t feel comfortable using them. No, in my case, the tails are custom made, bespoke, and crafted with care.

It would be a pain to start from scratch every time, and it wouldn’t stay consistent either. These templates allow me to keep a supply of drop-in ready tails for nearly every occasion, but sometimes I need to modify, improve, and update, and that takes more time than you might think. No one will ever actually see my collection of graphic design templates. I keep those secret. But much of that work eventually shows up in the comics.

So anyways, I’ll probably be back in a couple weeks.



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