A Little Bit Chowder Now

The owner of a restaurant sends his employee undercover to the vastly more successful restaurant across the road.

Before sending him, the owner says “That restaurant is ruining business here, all because of their famous chowder. I need their recipe ASAP!”

The employee manages to infiltrate the kitchen of the successful restaurant the next day and returns to his boss gleefully: “Boss, I think I have the recipe!”

The boss and the employee follow the recipe, however the result is rather runny.

“This can’t be right. It’s too watery for chowder.” says the boss. “Go back and try again!”

The employee infiltrates the kitchen a second time, and returns with a baffled look on his face.

“Boss, we had everything correct, except one. The secret ingredient!”

“Well? What is it?” responds the boss.

“It’s pages from a book.”

“What?” replies the boss. ” A book?”

“That’s right, the chef tears small bits off of the pages and mixes it into the chowder.”

A light bulb goes off in the bosses head, “I see! The plot thickens.”

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