A Little Floristry Humor

flowersSo there are some poverty-stricken friars in a monastery who want to raise some money. They decide to go down to the nearest village to open up a florist shop, with their shtick being that if you buy the friar’s flowers, god will bless you and you will go straight to heaven.
The villagers begin buying the flowers at an incredible rate, and the rival owner across town begins to lose all of his own patrons to the new florist shop.
The rival owner goes over the friars and PLEADS with them to close down. The Friars refuse. The rival sends his mother to plead! The friars refuse.
Finally, the rival owner has no other choice. He hires the toughest thug in town, Hugh McCartney, to go and “convince” the friars to close down shop.
Hugh goes over to the friars, beats the shit out of them, trashes the shop, and says that he will be back to finish the job if they do not close within 24 hours.
Terrified, the friars close down, proving that (get ready for it): Only Hugh can prevent florist friars.
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