Breast Psychic

A blonde sat down at the bar a couple seats over from a man. After a few drinks she started up a conversation with him. “So what kind of work do you do?” she asked innocently.

“Well I’m a breast psychic,” replied the man. “In fact, I could tell you the exact day you were born just by placing my hands on your breasts.”

“OK,” said the blonde, “Let’s see you do it!” as she puffed out her chest towards the man.

The man reached out with one hand and cupped her left breast, then he reached out with his other hand and cupped her right breast. He then began to intently massage the woman’s bosom.

After a couple of minutes, the annoyed blonde said, “Come on, already! What day was I born?”

“Yesterday,” replied the man.

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2 Responses to Breast Psychic

  1. Mr. Rational says:

    It’s like I’m reading /r/Jokes on Reddit, only a couple days late.

    • f2x says:

      I won’t deny it. When the e-mailed jokes start to suck, I’m not above pilfering from various sources. I usually have to rewrite them a little because grammar and stuff, but /r/Jokes gets used as a source quite often.

      If Carlos Mencia can make an entire career out of stealing material, then I doubt appropriating jokes from the SJW network is going to be much of a problem either.

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