Halo Envy

haloMother Theresa died and went to heaven. Saint Peter was waiting at the gate. He welcomed her and gave her a small golden halo to wear. She put it on and stepped into heaven.
Saint Peter was showing her around and introducing her to people when she looked over and saw Princess Diana. Princess Di had a huge halo, much bigger than hers, and it’s encrusted with jewels.
Mother Theresa looked at St. Peter and said “Excuse me, but why is her halo so much larger than mine? I worked my entire life to make the world a better place. I cared for the poor, healed the sick, and fed the starving. I was practically a saint. She does a little bit of charity work for a few years, and she gets that fancy halo and I get this little thing?”
Saint Peter leaned in and whispered “That’s not a halo. That’s her steering wheel.”

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