I’m probably too late to post these…

As everyone knows, Farrah Fawcette passed away. St. Peter immediately recognized her and said, “For being such a wonderful person, you are entitled to one wish to leave behind as your legacy to the world.”

Farrah replied, “I wish to save all the children in the world!”

And so, Micheal Jackson died.

So they’ve reviewed the autopsy again and determined what really killed Micheal Jackson. Apparently it was food poisoning.

Apparently he had been eating twelve year old nuts.

Update: McDonald’s just announced their new sandwich to commemorate Micheal Jackson! It’s 50 year old meat between 10 year old buns.

So in case anyone was wondering what is to become of Micheal Jackson’s remains, the family decided to go green. They took all the plastic  out of him to be recycled into Legos so children will be able to play with him!

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