Johnny and Susie were playing naked, wondering why they have different “parts”

When Johnny got home he asked his mother why he had a stick and Susie had a hole. Johnny’s mother said “oh son, you have a Ferrari, and Susie has a garage; the time will come and you’ll park your Ferrari in her garage”

When Susie got home she asked her father why she had a hole and Johnny had a stick. Susie’s father stated “you have a garage and Johnny is just a sports car trying to park. Don’t let him park in your garage!”

So a few days pass and sure enough, Johnny and Susie are playing naked again — when Johnny proudly stands up and says “Susie, let me park my Ferrari in your garage”, to which she refuses. Johnny continues to insist on parking his Ferrari until Susie has had enough and goes home.

When Susie gets home, her mother asks “Susie… what’s all that red stuff on your hands?” To which Susie replied:

“Johnny tried to park his Ferrari in my garage, so I ripped the back wheels off”

– The Oldet Rater, and happy birthday whenever it is.

Shamelessly stolen from Reddit because I don’t remember seeing it before.

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3 Responses to Johnny and Susie were playing naked, wondering why they have different “parts”

  1. The Oldest Rater says:

    I was hoping this one would show up someday. I just didn’t think it would take so long.

    • f2x says:

      Serendipity prevailed on this one. I had been shying away from this place for quite a long time. By chance, I made a comic last Sunday and decided to go ahead and schedule it along with all the jokes in the queue. I noticed your comment and thought the timing was rather nifty since my birthday was right around the corner. A very minor reshuffling of the queue and voila! Your contribution fell on my birthday the way it was meant to be, so thank you!

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