Plotting My Return

Plotting My Return

So, it’s been a while. You look good! How you doin’? I’m fine, been working a lot, aging less than gracefully, been thinking about making some new comics. I don’t have any ideas yet, but since when has that ever stopped me?

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but about a month ago I moved all of my websites to a new server. It was way overdue. Four years ago I paid for three years in advance. I had been paying month to month for about a year. Not only was it expensive, every day my websites crawled at a snails pace with dozens of internal server errors. I have no idea why I kept putting off the move, but I finally got around to it.

With this new host, I took a bit of a gamble and paid for 4 years in advance. The bet seems to have paid off. Not only does this host serve pages very quickly, they also blast through the hourly updates on my autoblogs in a matter of seconds with no more internal server errors. Huzzah!

So that’s nice.

Also, I’ve had my new car for just over a year. It still runs great, but I swear it’s under some kind of curse. I recently had to have the windshield replaced on it after it caught a rock over Easter. I’ll have to dedicate one of my Sunday Rants to a proper review of it. It’s actually a really nifty car, and if you’ve been interested in what life is like with a late model EV, I think you’ll find it interesting.

While I’m not going to name the place I’m working for, I did change jobs about 8 months ago. For those keeping score, I left my job of 23 years back in April of ’21 to go work at a tier 1 auto supplier, but last August I left that job as well to take a position with a manufacturer that is hands down the nicest place I’ve ever worked. It’s amazing how clean and comfortable this place is. I really like this job. I just hope I don’t screw it up and get myself fired. That’ll be a story for an upcoming rant too.

Gail has really started to mature. She’s gone from being a terrifying force of destruction to finally being a reasonably good dog. She can still be impulsive and stubborn at times, but over all, she’s become the kind of dog I wanted her to be in the first place. You’ll see a picture of her tomorrow.

Flush Twice turned 20 years old this year! It’s hard to believe I’ve kept it alive all this time. By some accounts, my little podunk JOTD is practically an historical artifact. Sadly, it’s referenced pretty much nowhere on the internet. We’re older than Facebook for pity’s sake! You’d think that would count for something! I suppose I should just thank my lucky stars I didn’t turn out like “Chris Chan” or worse, Scott Adams.

I, myself, have gotten significantly older. If you weren’t aware, I’m over half way to becoming a centenarian, but still a ways off from retirement. I’m young enough to still do stuff, but old enough that it kind of hurts a bit afterwards. In any event, I’m like everyone else trying to keep my shit together.

So that’s about it. I’m not going to guarantee weekly updates, but I’m going to try to get in a few comics and rants for 2023. Feel free to leave a comment below, or if you want to message me more privately, my gmail address is still flush2x. No, I’m not going to spell it out because spam. I’m assuming you are smart enough to figure out how email addresses work, and if you aren’t, I’d rather not hear from you anyway.



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