Quick Thinking Clerk

A man walked into a grocery store, “I would like half a head of lettuce.”

The teenager working there answered, “Sorry sir, we only sell full heads of lettuce.”

“But I only want half a head”

“Sorry, but we can’t do that”

Getting angry, the man demanded that the boy speak to the manager. So the teenager went back to the manager, and told him “Sir, there is some asshole in the store who wants half a head of lettuce…” When he turned to point out the the customer, he saw that the man was standing directly behind him. “And this gentleman wants the other half.”

With a nod, the manager sent the young clerk off and dealt with the customer. Afterward he went to the teenager, “Son, I am really impressed how quick you were on your feet back there. Where are you from?”

“I’m from Canada, sir,” the lad replied.

“Oh,” said the manager. “Why did you leave?”

“There’s nothing in Canada but hockey players and sluts.”

The manager replied, “My wife is from Canada.”

“Really, what team did she play for?”

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