The Boss’s Wife

Pete had just gotten a job where his old pal Bob was working. Close to the end of the day, Bob approached Pete and said, “Hey Pete, old buddy… Look, I need a favor. See, I’ve been sleeping with the boss’s wife, and I’d really appreciate it if after work you’d sort of hold him here for about an hour after work.”

“How am I supposed to do that?” asked Pete.

“Just keep asking him questions about your new job,” replied Bob. “He loves giving newbies advice.”

Even though Pete felt a little uneasy about it, he went up to his boss at quitting time and started asking every question he could think of. To his amazement, the boss seemed happy to expound upon the questions, but after thirty minutes he became slightly annoyed and asked Pete what he was really up to.

Pete felt guilty and confessed, “Bob is sleeping with your wife right now, and he asked me to keep you occupied.”

The boss just smiled, and put an understanding hand on Pete’s shoulder. “You better hurry home, son,” he said. “My wife died two years ago.”

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