The Moral of the Little Johnny’s Story

Teacher asks class for a story with a moral in it.

Susie on the front row puts her hand up, “Miss, in the school holidays I went to visit my aunt on her farm. One morning she went to the hen house and collected the eggs, but on her way back she tripped and dropped the eggs and they all broke”.

“Very good” says the teacher, “and what is the moral”

“Dont put all your eggs in one basket”. Replies Susie.

Mary puts her hand up. “Miss, my Mum took me into town at the weekend, my Uncle is a chef in a big hotel and we went to see him.

He was making soup and everyone in the kitchen kept adding things to it. In the end it got burnt and tasted horrible”.

“Very good, and what is your moral”.

“Too many cooks spoil the broth Miss”.

Johnny puts his hand up. “Miss, in the war my Grandad was in the trenches. All his friends had been killed, and 100 Germans were coming. All he had was a rifle, a bayonet, one bullet and a bottle of whiskey”.

“What did your Grandad do” asked the teacher.

Johnny replied, “He put the bullet in his gun and fitted the bayonet, then he drank the bottle of whiskey. He jumped out of the trench, shot the German officer then killed the other 99 with his bayonet and his bare hands”.

Teacher is amazed by this and says, “Johnny that is a fantastic story, but what is the moral to it”.

Johnny says “Don’t fuck with my Grandad when he’s been drinkin’ whiskey”.

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