The Plane Is Going Down

mexicanA Russian, a Mexican, and an American were taking a small charter flight over the Atlantic. Without warning the pilot comes back from the cockpit and tells them that the plane is having engine trouble and they’re losing altitude. “If we don’t lose weight quickly, we’re going to crash into the ocean!”
The Russian pulls a tarp off a large palette of Russian vodka. He says, “We have plenty of this Vodka back in mother Russia,” as he shoves it out the cargo bay.
The pilot comes back and shouts, “It’s not enough, we’re still losing altitude!”
The Mexican pulls the tarp off a large crate containing the finest tequila. “We have plenty of tequila back in Mexico,” he says as he shoves it out of the cargo bay.
It wasn’t long and the pilot shouts back, “We’re doing better, but we still need to lose a little more weight or we’ll crash!”
Without hesitation, the American grabs the Mexican and throws him out the door, and says, “We have plenty of Hispanics back in the States.”

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