The Witch’s Curse

A notorious womanizer named Norman left a trail of broken hearts behind him, until he betrayed the wrong woman: a practicing witch.

The morning after she had caught Norman with another girl, he awoke with an itchy bump in the middle of his forehead. Norman thought it was a pimple, but it continued to grow to ridiculous proportions throughout the day.

In a panic, Norman sought the advice of a physician, who examined the man, and ran tests on the strange tissue.

By now, the bump was three inches long, and starting to take an oddly familiar shape.

“What is this thing growing out of my head Doctor?” asked Norman.

“We’ve run every test we know to confirm the findings,” he said gravely, “but they all tell us the same thing. The bump in your forehead is developing into a fully grown penis.”

“I can’t believe this! Isn’t there anything you can do?” pleaded a distraught Norman.

“I’m afraid not. The base of the new penis is attached to your frontal lobe and removing it would kill you.”

“I’ll be a freak! No woman will come near me!” cried Norman.

“There’s more,” said the Doctor. “You’re going to experience vision problems.”

“No! No! Are you saying I’ll be blind, too?” screamed Norman.

“No, you will not go blind, but you’ll just have trouble seeing with testicles hanging in front of your eyes.”

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