Three Old Geezers

Three old geezers were on the nursing home porch exchanging confidences.
Maurice started complaining: “You know, I’m getting so old. Yesterday I tried to take a stroll through the halls, but my knees gave way again. I’m just not up to it.”
Paul chimed in: “I know what you mean, but with me, it’s my stomach. There was a great meal last night, but I couldn’t eat a thing. I’m just not up to it.”
Then old George wanted to join in the conversation: “Yep. Let me tell you, Nurse Kidman came in to my room just before dinner and said, ‘I want you to do to me what you did at breakfast and lunch, George. That felt SO good.’ Nope, I’m just not up to it.”
Maurice and Paul looked at him in disbelief. “Just what did you do before breakfast and lunch?” one of them asked.
“That’s why I wasn’t up to it,” said George. “I couldn’t remember what she was talking about.”

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