Turn Yourself White

blackTwo black guys were walking down the street when they saw a sign out in front of a building building:
“Turn yourself white! Only 99¢!”
So they stop and check their money situation. Jamal says, “I gots a me a buck even. Fo’ quotas.”
Tyrone pulls the change out of his pocket and says, “All I gots is 98¢, but here’s whats we do. You go in, get yourself made into a honky, and then come out and gimme the penny so I can get it too.”
“OK,” says Jamal.
So Jamal walks inside, and about 15 minutes later comes back out white as can be.
Tyrone says to him, “Ok, now gimme that penny so I can be white too.”
Jamal replies, “Fuck off and get a job, nigger!”

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