Waiting for Heaven

A couple of guys died in a freak accident. When they got to the pearly gates, St.Peter said, “I’m sorry but our computer glitched. We weren’t actually expecting you until next week. Because of this I am going to give you both one week back on earth, but you have to go back as something other than human.”

“I want to be an eagle soaring over the mountains!” said the first fellow.

“No problem,” responded St. Peter.

“I want to be a stud roaming along the Great Plains,” requested the second guy.

“A stud?” asked St. Peter. “Well, OK. Now that we have that in order, I’ll see the two of you in one week.”

After the week was up, St. Peter asked a passing angel, “Did you get those two guys from last week back up here?”

“Well,” said the angel, “We got the first one back. We found him soaring over the Rocky Mountains. Unfortunately we’re having a bit of trouble locating the second guy, but we think he’s somewhere in North Dakota on a snow tire.”

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