While Danny’s at the Grocery

Danny walks into a grocery store where he sees one of his closest friends, Bob. Bob approaches him with a sincere smile and greets Danny.
After a good conversation between the two men, Bob looks at Danny with affection and says: “Listen, Danny, you’re my best friend. I respect you a lot and would never do anything to hurt you, but I’ve got to let this off my chest. I think you deserve much better than Lola. I’m telling you this as a friend. Your wife is not exactly a conservative woman!”
Danny looks at Bob in bafflement and replies: “What do you mean?”
Bob looks him straight in the eyes and whispers in his ear: “Look around! Why do you think there are almost no men in this grocery store? As a true friend, I feel obliged to tell you this. Every time you go grocery shopping, there is a very long line-up at your front door!”
Danny, confused and puzzled asks : “What are you trying to say?”
Bob looks at him in sorrow and replies: “I hate to break this to you, my dear friend, but your wife is a money hungry whore! I think you should divorce her!”
Danny, startled by Bobs rude comment replies in a fury: “What kind of a friend are you? You must think I’m an Idiot! You want me to divorce her, so I’ll have to wait in line, too?”

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