Wooo Wooo

A city slicker was visiting his cousins down in the hills of Kentucky. While walking along a path one of the cousins ran up the hillside and yelled “Wooo wooo!” into a cave. He listened for a moment, stripped off his clothes, and ran inside the cave.

After walking down the path a ways further, the same scenario occurred again with another cousin running up to another cave, yelling “Wooo Wooo”, and stripping naked before running inside. Not able to contain his curiosity, the city slicker cousin asked about this strange behavior.

The third cousin explained that young ladies from the region would frequently hide in the caves if they were in an amorous mood. Whenever they heard a man call “Wooo wooo” they’d respond with a “Wooo wooo” back to let the guy know that a woman was inside, ready and willing.

The city cousin is amazed and asked if he might partake in this local custom at the next cave. The country cousin gave his cousin the nod, and at the next cave the city slicker ran to the entrance and called out “Wooo wooo!”

To his delight, he heard a sonorous and enticing “Wooo wooo” sung back to him from the recesses of the cave. He took off his clothes, rushed headlong into the cave, and sadly was run over by the train.

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