The Devil You Don’t

The Devil You Don’t

Sorry it took so long to get this one out. Originally I was working on a somewhat different concept and couldn’t make it work the way I wanted it to. After a while I just gave up and forgot the whole thing, but then on Monday I thought, “What if I just opened it up and started working on it?” So I did, and by the end of the night it was done.

So is this supposed to be sympathy for the devil? Maybe. While I originally created Temno to be an unsympathetic baddy, I kinda feel sorry for him now. Meanwhile Newt has always had a mean streak, and bringing that into the fold gives this story arc some “tension and release” that’s necessary for any good tale.

And honestly, I think Temno’s story is one of my better arcs. Of course it wasn’t meant to get this deep, but now I’ve got plans for this little devil. Maybe in a future episode we’ll even get to see Newt in his demon form! (Actually I wanted to do that this episode, but the design just wasn’t working for me.)

Naturally I tend to work in fits and starts, so updates are going to be as irregular as ever. While you can expect periods of random lengths between strips, I will keep making new comics when I get a chance! Just be patient!



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