On Sunday, January 11, 2004, Flush Twice presented its first original comic. It was crude, but over time it got better.

I originally registered flush2x.com  in the beginning of May,  2003 to use as a dumping ground for all the jokes and funny pictures I used to get from my friends via e-mail. Within a couple weeks I registered www.flushtwice.com because that’s actually how you were supposed to pronounce it. I used to just have flushtwice.com forwarding to flush2x.com, but some time back I decided to ditch flush2x.com altogether. Needless to say, Flush Twice has been around since 2003.

The Flush Twice comic was introduced in January of 2004 when I decided the site needed some original content. The comic started out as stylized stick figures, but as time went by I developed a fairly unique look. Some people hate the look and dismiss it as really bad 3D rendering, but the characters are made using Paint Shop Pro 4.14. The shading that gives it the 3D look is something I stumbled upon and have improved over the years. To be honest though, my technique has limited application, so I doubt graphic designers will flock to my tutorials on how to do it.

I also used to do the backgrounds in Paint Shop Pro, but today, I do use a 3D game engine to make the backgrounds. After making the maps, I get just the right “camera angle” to take a screen shot. From that point on it’s all handled once again in Paint Shop Pro 4.14.

I know that using software from start to finish is generally frowned upon in the comic/webcomic world because many consider it to be “cheating”. Others don’t like it because it just looks painfully lazy. I take a certain amount of care to make it look natural and seamless. Trust me… It’s not as easy as it looks, so please don’t think I’m just another “lazy wannabe” artist. I’ve been doing this for over a decade now, so I think I deserve some credit here.

For a time, I used to post a new joke and panel every day. As the image resolution of my comic increased, the panels became more and more tedious to produce, and I couldn’t keep up with that kind of schedule. I also spent six years in the US Army Reserves (2005-2011), and that also kept updates on the back burner. Today, jokes are published Monday through Friday, and Comics are usually posted on Saturdays (if I have time). It’s rare that I post anything on Sundays. I mainly steal the jokes from other sites since no one bothers to send me jokes in my email anymore.

 Were you offended by a joke? Sorry about that… Some of the jokes aren’t exactly the most politically correct. Occasionally you may see jokes using various nationalities. There will be blond jokes, ethnic jokes, and jokes about rednecks, lawyers, and bartenders, as well as jokes about the young and the old. I don’t discriminate much, and I don’t feel the least bit guilty about crossing the line. I’m not actually sexist or racist or any other type of prejudicial bigot. I actually find offensive jokes to generally be funnier, and so I post them.

There really isn’t much else to say. If you like the jokes and comics, please share us with your friends and make Flush Twice a regular part of your day to day web-surfing.


And what’s my personal favorite joke? Well thanks for asking:

A baby penguin goes up to his mother and asks, “Mommy, am I a penguin?”

The mother looks down with a smile and a says, “Yes dear. You are a penguin.”

A little while later the little guy waddles back up and asked again, “Mommy, are you sure I’m a penguin?”

Slightly annoyed she replied, “I already told you once that you are. Now run along and play.”

Before long, the little bird came back and squawked, “Mommy, are you really, really sure I’m a penguin?”

Now noticeably agitated the mother snapped, “Look, I am a penguin, your father is a penguin, and your baby sister is a penguin! YOU ARE A PENGUIN! Now why is this question troubling you?”

The little fellow cried out, “Because I’m freakin’ cold!”

Thanks again for visiting.

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