Sunday, January 7, 2024

It’s just so surreal…

Yesterday marked 10 years to the day of my mother’s passing. Dad and I went out to dinner to pay homage in her memory. Like the decade before, I never would have dreamed we’d end up where we did.

I still maintain that somewhere along the way, I ended up in the “bad timeline”. I’m not saying that things are all that bad, or that I regret my decisions. On the contrary, I’m where I am today in spite of my decisions. No matter what choices I could have made, this is where I was fated to be… and it’s so unsatisfying.

On a lighter note

My comic is 20 years old this month! Think about it… 20 years ago I started putting pictures of stick figures up here in an attempt to dress up a rather boring hand coded html page. Seeing how it started and how it turned out is kind of neat. It has certainly gone through some dramatic changes from those original daily panels to my current sporadic offerings. I wish I could have combined the naive wit of my youth with my current “drawing” abilities. I’ve become far too jaded in my old age and it puts a damper on my creativity.

Of course looking back at some of my early work, I’m not so sure my “wit” was all that great either. The “art” was definitely bad… And now that I’m looking at it, the gags weren’t really all that great either, but I was putting out a daily panel rather consistently for a while there.

Yeah, now that I think about it… those old comics sucked. As I’m glancing through them I feel myself cringing in disgust… Wow… Maybe I do have some regrets after all! Oh those wasted hours I spent navel gazing to come up with crap that makes Chis Chan look inspired! Thank god no one is actually reading this shit!

So to wrap it up…

Happy New Year, everybody! I’m really not sure how much stuff I’ll add to Flush Twice in ’24, but I’ll get to it whenever I get the chance. Be sure to like and subscribe, and leave a comment down below if there’s anything you’d like to see happen over the next 12 months.



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