Sunday, April 30, 2023

Career Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes!

I took a manufacturing job back in August with a new company. Suffice to say I’d rather not say, but if I did happen to say, you’d recognize the name immediately. It’s a Fortune 500, but not the Walmart, Amazon, McDonald’s kind, so yeah, we’re playing in the majors.

My career trajectory has had a few interesting turns. Previous to ’95 I was a job butterfly. I flitted around from job to job, some good, some bad, but never stayed anywhere for any significant amount of time. One year I went through 10 different employers, and never once during those days did I ever go on unemployment or welfare. Jobs came easy for me, and I always paid my way.

Back in ’95 I landed a position as a Robotics Technician for a company controlled by General Motors… But I didn’t actually work for GM. I absolutely love robots. I had that job for about two years, but things started getting rather dicey around there, so I got out. Good thing too, because they went out of business less than 6 months later.

So in ’97 I took a job at a plastics company. At first I couldn’t believe I had found such an amazing place. The pay was nothing to write home about, but the work was easy, the environment was laid back, the coworkers were great, the benefits were decent, and the 3rd shift hours worked well for me. After a few years I was even able to buy a house, but 9-11 happened less than a month later and everything was different.

The aftermath left me feeling a bit gutted, and I wanted to do something. While still working at the plastics company I joined the Army Reserves back in the fall of 2005. It’s something I look back on fondly, but I really think it was a major mistake on my part both financially and physically. Other than being able to say I was there, I gained no benefit from that experience. After 6 years I got out. Two years later my honorable discharge arrived in the mail. That’s all I have to say about that.

Back to the plastics company where I was still employed: Over the years things changed. The benefits dwindled, the hours grew longer, the pace grew more frantic, a lot of coworkers retired and/or died, and while I eventually ended up in a leadership role, I felt something was very wrong. So I got a job working for Amazon delivery.

Yeah, but I never actually made it to Amazon. A head hunter caught my resume and saw robotics and plastics. I was a perfect fit for this tier 1 auto supplier, and the money was actually really good. I was on track to pay off all my old debts in under two years but 10 months later I bought a new car, and a few months after that things started going off the rails. They fired a bunch of people that shouldn’t have been fired and it started a chain reaction. People were already overworked, so the resignations started piling in. On top of that, they were increasing monthly insurance premiums by $250! Suddenly this wasn’t looking like a place I wanted to be anymore, so my resignation was about to be added to that pile.

But before I left, I started putting out job applications on Indeed, and wouldn’t you know it, I got a lot of responses. Some good, some bad, but then there was this one response from a long shot. I honestly didn’t believe it at first. They reached out again, but I thought it was just some automated form they send to everyone who clicked. After the 3rd Letter I called them. Like a dork, I naively asked if they were serious about wanting to hire me, and the person said, “Yes! We’ve tried to contact you three times already!”

Sometimes I can be such a dense headed putz! Fortunately for me, their impression was more professional, and the interview went great! I got the job, and kissed my robots goodbye for a second time. I really miss those guys.

So in a way it’s like when I started working at the plastics factory. I’m on the night shift, which is what I prefer, the work is easy, the environment is laid back, the coworkers are great, they benefits are nice, and frankly the pay ain’t too shabby. Like most companies, they have their strengths and weaknesses, but over all, I feel like this is a place I can hang around till I retire.

So that’s that. I’m still alive and kickin’. The house is a mess, but I’m grateful to have a home. I still owe an obscene amount of money to my creditors, but my bills are paid. I’ve even been dating someone who I have almost nothing in common with, but we like each other’s company, and she doesn’t seem to mind my warped sense of humor. She’s also trying to get me to lose weight and make better food choices. (Yes, I am way too fat again. Go figure.)


So a special thanks to everyone who’s contributed to the content of this site over the years. I’m sorry I haven’t been maintaining it of late, and even sorrier still that I have decided to retire the submission page. It isn’t here now. The submission page went away. The submission page is gone.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this site just yet, but if you have any suggestions, you can leave me a comment here or contact me through email. My username is flush2x on gmail, and from there I’ll let you figure it out.



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