Sunday, August 14, 2022

New Day, New Job.

So it should be obvious that Gail is a completely black dog, right? But occasionally, the lighting in the room will impart a reddish or brownish hue on the fur, and the camera will pick up on that hue. That’s just a lighting thing, and I thought people knew and understood that. It’s like if you show someone a picture of a person holding up the leaning tower of Pisa, they understand that it’s just a perspective trick, and that the person is not actually holding up the tower.

But the weird thing is how many times people will remark, “Oh, is she a chocolate Lab?” when one out of the six pictures I showed them happens to have ambient lighting reflecting off the coat. I really kind of wonder how they would react if I said, “yes” to that question, because maybe they would just leave it at that, but no, I tell them that she is a black lab, and that it was just the lighting in the room.

For some reason they always double down and remark, “Really? Her fur looks brown right there! Are you sure?”

I would think I would know if my dog had brown fur, but now, no matter what I say at this point, the person is either going to gas light me or go full on stupid by insisting that my dog, who is obviously stark black in every other picture, is in fact a chocolate lab, and I just haven’t realized it yet.

I’ll be starting my new job next week, and at some point people are going to ask me questions about myself, and the subject of pets is bound to come up. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, so when I scroll through the photos of Gail on my phone, I will be waiting for that moment when the person I’m showing them to asks, “Is she a chocolate Lab?”

And this time I might just say, “Yes.”


Thanks Big D and TOR for dropping off some jokes last month. They will finally be featured this week. Sorry about the delay. The submission page is still the best way to share jokes with me because they are automatically added to the queue.

No promises on when the next update will be. I’ll do my best to put something together when I find the time.



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