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For years, Flush Twice has relied on people sending emails to While that address is still actively providing us with many terrific nuggets of comedy, many people would prefer an option that avoids the use of email. So now Flush Twice proudly presents a beautifully hand crafted joke submission form that visitors can use to send in their jokes!

Thank you in advance! It is really appreciated when people donate their jokes to Flush Twice! By submitting a joke, you are giving Flush Twice your permission to post the joke in whole or in part on this site and to use the joke in whole or in part for any purpose hereafter. Also, there is no guarantee that your submission will be posted, but regardless, thank you so much for offering a joke to the ever growing collection here on Flush Twice.

While there are many fields to fill out, the only two that are required are the “Antispam Question” and the “Post Content”. You may leave the others blank if you wish, or fill them in if it makes you happy.

And don’t worry if your spelling or grammar isn’t the best. In fact, the joke doesn’t even have to be all that good. Everything will be taken care of before the post goes live! More details about what happens next, after you submit your joke!

Please complete the required fields.

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