The True Size Of

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The Peter’s Projection is a version of the world map that we’re all very familiar with, but while it gives you a good idea of where countries are in relation to one another, it tends to distort the size of the land. This website allows you to check the size of counties against any other country to see the true size of the land masses. Some of them are pretty surprising.

Koalas to the Max dot Com

Roll your mouse over a dot and it splits into four dots. Repeat again, and again. and again…

So this is a cute little time waster. The more you keep rolling your mouse over the dots, the clearer the picture of a koala and her joey gets. No idea what it’s good for, but it’s kind of soothing in a bubble wrap popping kind of way.

Not sure how, but there seems to be a way to insert your own pic.

OMG Laser Guns Pew Pew Pew

I really don’t have anything more to add.

Is it Monday already? Damn… What happened to the weekend? Oh well, let’s see if there’s anything fun to play with… Here we go.

OK, so in this game you’ve got two rodents to choose from, then rocks and acorns come at you from the left. Shoot the rocks and collect the acorns. It’s as simple as that.

Click on the image to go there. That’s how this works now. I know how we have been doing it, but honestly I think there really isn’t any need to for me to type the title twice, and the image works just fine as the link to the site.

12ft Ladder

I really wish people on reddit would use this before posting.

12ft Ladder

A lot of sites have started to fight back against visitors looking for a free lunch. I mean, how dare they? Well, honestly I support anyone trying to find enrichment through knowledge. 12ft Ladder ain’t always going to work, but sometimes, when you need it most, it might just come through for you.

Find My Device (Google)

Find My Device (Google)


If you have an Android device (ie not iPhone/iPad) then this web page might turn out to be a lifesaver. You just need to be logged into the Google account that is connect to your phone or tablet, and the device needs to be on and somehow able to connect to the internet. Of course if the battery on your phone is dead, or it’s in airplane mode, you’re pretty much out of luck, but that one night I lost my phone in a parking lot, this tool turned out to be very helpful.