And that’s a wrap!

I’m sorry for leaving you all hanging, but I for now we’re done with “Better Things”. It’s a shame really, because I really thought this idea was a good one. My job and social life have pretty much kept me out of the creative sphere of late, and I really don’t have time to work on new content.

Got any ideas for this space? Let me know! Maybe we can make it work. In the meantime, head over to mBlip for automated content that never goes on hiatus.

Anyhow, I’m still quite alive out here kickin’ and screamin’! I hope all is well with you and yours. I bid you good day.


Rainy Mood

Why do people sleep better when it rains?

So basically it plays rain noise. That’s it. There’s an app you can download.

So look, let’s not sugar coat this… I’m running out of ideas again. I might have to take a sabbatical from my hiatus, and just put this one in at the last second before running off to work.

Happy Monday.

One Look

Can’t think of the word, but you know it exists?

So this site features a “reverse dictionary”. Give it a definition, and it will give you a list of words that closely match that definition. very helpful when trying to write something but don’t want to sound repetitious.


Why pay for a streaming service? The free stuff is amazingly good!

And on this Friday the 13th in the month of Spooktober, I’m going apple scrumping with my dad. But if getting out isn’t your thing, why not watch something educational?

DocumentaryHeaven is a site filled with thousands of free online documentaries just waiting to be seen, so come on in and embrace the knowledge!