Safety Mirth

Safety Mirth

You know I started out making single panel comics, but somewhere along the way I started making 2 and 3 panel comics, but every once in a while, I just can’t make it work without adding that fourth panel, and it drives me up a wall.

The original concept never materialized. I was going to have Tyler picking his shirt up off the floor while having a conversation with Dewey. How it got from their to here is complicated. I can’t remember what the original conversation was going to be about, but the bending over looked more like a slumping over. I even played around with the idea of a sketch involving the Heimlich maneuver, and then in pivoted to diving, which turned into falling, which ultimately became this 4 panel monstrosity.

While I feel like this one isn’t going to win any awards, it does include a lot of subtle detail, and I feel like my artwork looks clean. All in all, it ain’t bad for a guy who’s only been doing this for 20 years.

Wait… what?

Oh… that’s actually depressing. 20 years and this is as good as I’ve managed to get. What a fucking waste! I could have used that time to do something constructive. Instead it’s been lost on making a mediocre strip that couldn’t even get 5 upvotes on reddit.

But so what! I wasn’t going to find a cure for cancer in that time, and I genuinely feel like I’ve learned a thing or two and made quite a bit of progress over the years. So yeah, I still ain’t particularly good at making comics, but it’s something I still enjoy when I find the time to do it.



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