Immolated Pants

Immolated Pants

So it looks like I completely skipped over doing any comics (or jokes) in July. Too be fair, the art in today’s comic was made back in July. I just never got around to actually finishing the strip. The thing is, the job I got last year tends to drain any and all inspiration for my comics. It somehow manages to kill my comic creating motivation even more so than when I was in the military.

However, all that may soon change. I have given my current job notice, and I start my new job on the 22nd. The new job is much closer than my current job and even closer than my previous job. The new job also comes with more money and a better schedule.

Of course I cannot give too many details about the new job, as I really do not know exactly what the new job is actually like yet. I know a bit about the industry in general, but no idea what the day to day work life will be in my future career. All I know for sure is that it is a bigger company with better pay… And depending on your perspective, the position has more prestige too.

Do you want to hear something weird though? I am not nervous. Maybe it is because I am a lot older now, but in the old days, my anxiety would have been through the roof. I feel a little impatient to get started at the new job, but not anxious. The only worrying aspect is that I cannot tell whether my lack of worry is a good or bad sign.

I guess we will cross that bridge when we get there.

One last thing, there were three jokes in the queue that had been there since July. They will be posted this coming week. Sorry I did not get to it sooner.



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