Susie asks Johnny a Question

Little Johnny and little Susie were in the playground at recess. Susies says to Johnny that she heard the older kids talking and heard the word penis. So she asks Johnny what a penis was. Johnny says he doesn’t know but that he will ask his dad when he gets home. So Johnny gets home, goes upstairs just as his dad gets out of the shower with a towel wrapped around himself. Johnny asks his dad, “whats a penis”? His dad hems and haws but then says, “well I guess your old enough”, then drops his towel and says, Johnny thats a penis and might I add its a perfect penis. The next day at school Johhny grabs Sussie’s hand and takes her behind the school, drops his pants and says, ” Susie, thats a penis and if it was 2 inches shorter it would be a perfect penis.

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