Conversion Therapy

A young gay man is confronted by some of his friends because his drinking was getting in the way of his work and effecting some of his relationships. He took their feelings to heart and joined AA. After a year of dedication he was clean and sober and received his ‘pin’ to show for it.
Soon after he decided to stop smoking, and wondered if he could he use the same principles he used in AA. He sets himself on the path and does so. By the second year when he gets his pin from AA, he is tobacco free. His friends are amazed that he is not only alcohol-free but also tobacco-free. They applaud his dedication.
About a year later he has a dinner party and announces to all his friends that he is ‘no longer gay’. His straight friends as well as his gay friends are totally amazed at this. No one believes he has managed to change so much in his life.
“Did you do the same things you did to stop drinking and smoking?” many asked.
“Was it just a choice of lifestyle change” others asked.
“Was it some type of religious revelation?” was even asked.
“No. Nothing so drastic,” he replied. “After I quit smoking, I found that everything tasted different.”

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