Night Court

It was the usual scene in the City’s Night Court. The Police had rounded up the usual collection of street walkers and brought them before the Judge.

Three stood before him, all arrested on the same corner.

He asked the first lady what she had to say for herself.

The woman was irate, “I don’t know what all this is about your Honor. I’m a college student doing research for a term paper.”

The Judge sighed and said, “Well, Miss, I would have thought you’d done enough research’ by now. My computer sez you have two prior convictions. Thirty days and $250 fine.” He then turned to the second lady and requested her to testify.

The woman began crying softly and said, “Judge, I am just a housewife out getting a pack of cigarettes for my husband. I have no idea why I was arrested.”

This time, the Judge shook his head and said, “Well, young lady, the officer tells me that he saw you hand a stack of bills along with the cigarettes to your ‘husband’ in his new Cadillac. Thirty days and $250 fine.” He turned to the last of the trio and asked her occupation.

The woman said simply, “I’m a hooker.”

Refreshed at her honesty, the Judge laughed and said, “How’s business?”

She sneered and replied, “Terrible Judge, with all these students and housewives around, I can’t turn a single trick.”

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