Painting the Convent

Joe had been hired to paint the old convent. He was up on his ladder painting the soffit when he accidentally dropped his brush. As it fell to the ground he loudly uttered, “Son of a bitch!”

Mother Superior happened to be walking by at the time and heard the offensive language. When Joe came down the ladder to retrieve his brush, Mother Superior gave him a verbal lashing about the use of such profanity. Joe politely apologized and went back to work.

It wasn’t long before Joe dropped his brush again. “Son of a bitch!” he cried out, not realizing that Mother Superior was watching him this time. Again, Joe climbed down the ladder to receive another lecture.

This time Mother Superior suggested, “If you should feel the urge to release another expletive, I recommend you try saying ‘Jesus, Joseph, and Mary’ instead!”

After Joe apologized again, he thanked the Reverend Mother for her advice and resumed his work. Alas, being the clumsy sort, Joe’s brush fell to the ground. “Son of–” but Joe stopped short as he noticed the angry stare coming from below. “Jesus, Joseph, and Mary,” he said with a submissive sigh.

Just then a miraculous whirl of wind picked up the brush from the ground and brought it back to the hand of Joe.

“Son of a bitch!” said the Reverend Mother.

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