Rectal Feeding Diet

An extremely obese woman went to her doctor and claimed that she has tried every possible way to lose weight but to no avail.

The doctor, hoping to help her, proposes a radical diet: Rectal feeding! Addressing the patient’s concerns, the doctor assured the woman that she won’t starve to death, and that she’ll actually take in enough nutrients through the rectal walls to sustain life and still lose weight in the process.

Several weeks later the patient came in for a follow-up appointment, and it was quite apparent that she had lost a considerable amount of weight. The doctor showed the patient into the exam room and noticed that the patient kept bouncing up and down and side to side quite energetically.

The doctor asked how she was doing and if there was anything wrong.

The patient replied, “I’m feeling great Doc. Never felt better!”

“OK then, but why are you bouncing up and down and side to side?”

The woman replied, “Oh, that? I’m just chewing gum.”

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