The Deathbed Promise

A dying billionaire called in his doctor, lawyer, and priest for a talk, “For all your years of friendship and faithful service I’ve left each of you a generous gift in my will, but I want each of you to do one last thing for me. Here is one million dollars cash for each of you. I want you to slip it into my coffin before I’m buried. I want to see if everyone is wrong and I can take it with me.”

He dies soon after, and as the three are walking away from the grave site the priest mutters, “okay, my conscience is bothering me. I have to confess: I thought of all the good that money could do in our community; it seemed a shame to waste it. I donated half of it to a charity that provides for the poor. I only put half in the coffin.”

The doctor sighed, “I should confess too. I thought of how badly my hospital needs money for cancer research. I donated two thirds of it anonymously to our charity fund. I only put a third in the coffin.”

The lawyer, disgusted, let into the two, “Gentlemen, you made a solemn promise on our friend’s deathbed, and this is how you honor his final wishes? I’m ashamed, appalled, at your behavior! I for one put in a check for the full amount!”

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